Marco's Guide To Succeeding With Pabau

So you've had your training but what happens next?

We send you on your way and forget about you for the rest of your Pabau life...

Only joking, but this is what some people believe is the case, this, of course, is not true.

Here at Pabau we are really focused on our retention rate and although there are no contracts we don't get many clients leaving, our goal is to now make that number a big fat 0.

So here are some tips to really succeeding with us, here it goes:

1) Follow Up Training Session

A common myth is that after your training your left stranded by us, this is absolutely not the case, we always offer a follow up session whether this be a telephone call or another short screen sharing session just to cover some areas you may not have seen or to run through some questions you had on the features you have already seen. All you need to do is get in contact with the account manager you had your initial training with and they will book you in for a follow-up session, it's free so take advantage of it!

2) Have You Gone Paperless?!?!?

Going paperless is one of the most important features of our platform, but it's surprising how many people are not using this feature. You can finally say bye-bye to all the filing cabinets and sheets of paper!

There are two parts to Pabau, the web-based version and also the app out on the iOS store. The app is designed for you to get all of your documentation signed digitally instead of on paper. A free service we offer to all of our new clients is to convert your blank medical paper forms (consultation, consent, questionnaires, etc) into electronic forms, for you to then use on the iPad/iPhone. If you require this service and it has been less than a month since your training with us then get in touch and we will create your forms for you. Alternatively, we have over 350 medical forms in our template store, just ask our support staff for help on how to access, edit and save them.

If you want to see how easy it is to get your documentation signed digitally check out our video with the link below:

3) Telephone support? I didn't know you had that...

As a new client, you should flow through our teams in this order:

1) Sales >>> 2) On Boarding >>> 3) Account Management >>> 4) Support

Yes, that's right there is a number 4 there. Your subscription includes lots of benefits and one is customer support. The different support channels you have are:

1) Telephone support - 7 days a week 9-8 Mon-Fri and 9-5 Sat-Sun the number is 0203 475 2900

2) Email support - this is answered all hours of the day 7 days a week and the email address is

3) Raising a ticket - Ever noticed the question mark on the right-hand side of the home page? Click on this and it will navigate you to the help centre, from here you can click on the yellow circle with a paper aeroplane as the icon and it will open up a ticket request. If you are raising any issues then you can also include attachments, we highly recommend sending a screenshot so that we can deal with your ticket more efficiently, windows you have snipping tool or mac cmd > shift > 4.

4) Social Media - You can get us on social media for any general enquiries, any account-specific related queries, please use the other channels.

4) Marketing Applications Not Being Utilised correctly...

Utilising the marketing applications we have can make all the difference, and if not used at all you could be missing out on revenue/clients/appointments and much more. Retaining clients is super important, studies show that its more cost-effective generating business of existing clients than trying to gain new ones, Listed below are the applications to help you with these areas:

Birthday Mailer - This will help with your retention rates, once a year on their birthday your clients will receive an email/text (or both) and you can choose to include a voucher, of course, people are more likely to book if there is a voucher to use!

Spending the time now designing a really cool looking birthday email will pay off in the long run.

Referral Tracker - The most cost-effective way of gaining new clients is of course by word of mouth, some people will, of course, refer naturally, some people need that little push to refer. Having a referral tracker setup is the best way to do this when a client refers someone to your business you can log this on the new client's profile and the referrer will be rewarded with a voucher. Similar to birthday mailer an email will go out with a voucher on it and the referrer can use this voucher for future bookings, again designing that really attractive referral email really pays off in the long run.

Automation - Ops, I forgot to email that person yesterday to follow up on their appointment.. Have you ever said that phrase before? Don't worry we're all prone to forget things at times, but going forward that will never happen again. Making use of automation is one of the most important features to the system, you can set up as many emails/SMS recall templates in the system, we recommend you do it per service you offer, for example, if you want to send someone a text in 1 week after their appointment as a follow up or maybe in 6 months an SMS to get them to come back in, you just set the template up and after their appointment when you record a payment the last option is to send automation, however if your not wishing to record payments, then you can go into the client profile, and click create > automatic recall. Long gone are the days of forgetting, this will really help with your retention rates.

Report Filtering -  In order for you to push a new service or product, you need to find out who to push it to right? don't worry we have you covered here. Pabau has over 100 reports and you are able to find out which clients are best to push this new service/product to. Let's say you have a new hat in stock and you want to send out a newsletter to clients who will buy it, but how do you know who is more likely to buy it? Well, realistically you want to find a list of clients who have previously bought hats over people who have say, only bought socks. With Pabau filtering you can now filter off certain keywords so that you're only targeting certain audiences and then its time to design that nice fancy newsletter. Remember that you can schedule any report to emailed to you automatically, every day, week, month, you decide!

Email/SMS Campaign - Now that we know how to filter off certain clients we are now ready to send them a newsletter or SMS. You can either import your own templates or create your own with the email editor, it's a simple drag and drop method and you can customise aspects like images, background, text size/font. With the SMS campaign, you simply get 160 characters and whatever you can fit within that limit you can send as a text, the text can either be sent as a business name or a mobile number so you can receive replies.

SMS Campaign Video:

 Email Campaign Video:

Feedback Forms -  Collecting feedback is always a good way to find out where your business strong and weak points are, however when that lovely 5* review comes in, it's best that everyone knows about it right? If you were choosing between two companies who offered the same services but one had lots of 5* reviews and the other had majority 3* reviews, who would you choose? the 5* review of course. Pabau's social survey gives you the chance to create a feedback form, this is then sent out after clients appointments and you will receive the results internally, you can share any review to your Facebook page, and also redirect clients to Google reviews if they rate above a certain *

 Loyalty Schemes - We all love collecting points, and we love using them even more. Running a loyalty programme is a great way to reward people for booking certain services or buying certain products, they can then use these points against future bookings, this is a great way to increase your bookings as when people have points they are more likely to book. With Pabau connect clients of yours can log in to a members area and they can view how many points they have. You can run different campaigns like 'points for completing feedback forms' or 'points paid on % of transaction value'

5) Are you managing your enquiries correctly?!?

We all love when a lead comes in, but how sad is it when a lead fizzles into thin air as if they were never there in the first place? Well, this could be due to you managing the enquiries that arrive incorrectly, with Pabau's Lead manager you can track all leads from various different channels, here are a few tips for making the most of out your leads:

1) Feed them in from your website's enquiry form
2) Feed them in from your Facebook/Instagram Ads
3) Always create leads manually that have come in from a text or email (don't forget)
4) Create new lead status's
5) Attach email templates to every different lead status
6) Run lead reports to see how many leads you've had in vs how many you've converted into bookings
7) Use the marketing tools like SMS/email campaign to reach out to the leads, try and increase your conversion rate
8) Convert!Convert!Convert!

6) Online Bookings


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