Report API


This code allows you to output report data which can be used in external tools such as PowerBI or Tableau.


GET OAuth2/reports/get.php?api_key=12u4yg3b2b8&from_date=15-07-2019&to_date=16-07-2019&id=7264


Below are a list of the attributes you can currently pass into Pabau.

* = Required

Name Description
api_key required Your API key.
id required This is the ID of the report you wish to query data against.
from_date required The date the report should be ran from (d-m-Y)
to_date required The date the report should be ran to (d-m-Y)


Obtaining an ID

Below is where you can obtain the ID of the report you wish to run API calls against. You can create custom reports in order to 



Sample Response (Report ID: 46) 

appointments": [
"contact_id": "13117807",
"Salutation": "None",
"first_name": "George (Sample)",
"last_name": "Best",
"email": "",
"phone": "077 1234 5678",
"mobile": "07781654021",
"lead_source": "",
"DOB": "0000-00-00",
"mailing_street": "101 Victoria Street",
"other_street": "",
"mailing_city": "London",
"mailing_county": "London",
"mailing_country": "United Kingdom",
"MailingPostal": "SW91 9DF",
"gender": "",
"avatar": "",
"opt_in_email": null,
"opt_in_phone": null,
"opt_in_post": null,
"opt_in_sms": null,
"opt_in_newsletter": null,
"marketing_source": "0",
"custom_id": "",
"medical_alerts": "",
"contact_custom_fields": {}

Important NOTE: Please make sure in the API keys settings that you turned on this for the Reports:


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