Pabau Connect (Online Booking) for existing clients

The contacts that want to be able to book appointments online have an extra step that they need to take if they are already entered into your Pabau system.

Below, you will find basic guide which is quite easy on what steps the clients need to take in order for them to be able to book appointments online.

First Step

The clients need to click on 'Not a member yet? Sign up here' where they are going to enter their basic information as usual and then they are going to enter their email address and a new password.
As soon as they click on 'Complete Registration', they are going to be taken back to the same screen with an extra field asking for a passcode, which they already have it in their inbox (pabau sends them automatically)

Picture 1


Second Step​

After that, they should check their email inbox for the code (picture 2) that they've received in order to prove that they are the one that wants to connect to the online booking page. The email looks like in the picture below.

Picture 2


Third Step

Next, they will get back on the first screen that they had where they should enter their code, type in a password and complete the registration.

Picture 3


Fourth Step

As soon as they press on 'Complete Registration' button they are going to be taken to the next screen where they should book an appointment.

Picture 4


As soon as these steps are complete, the clients will have no issue in logging in into you Pabau Connect (online booking) in order to book a future appointment.

NOTE: For clients that are not in the system, they don't have the passcode part.

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