SagePay Integration

In this guide you will find the steps for the integration between Sage Pay and your Pabau account.

Once you have created a Sage Pay account the integration is quite simple.

1. Login to your Sage Pay account.

2. Go to Settings


3. Click on Administrator and in that screen please check the box Sage Pay API:


4. As soon as you check the box, a popup window will appear from where you are going to copy the Vendor Name, Integration Key and Integration password:


5. The final step is to login into your Pabau account, click on Setup, Integrations and click on Connect on SagePay:


6. Once you have clicked on Connect you will have to enter the information required in these fields:


7. As soon as the fields have been filled, click on Save.

Once you have followed and done all these steps above, the integration has been made successfully.

You will have an additional payment type in the POS (point of sale) called Sage Pay.

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