Sending an Invoice via Healthcode

Before you attempt to submit an invoice via Healthcode you MUST complete the Healthcode set up process, documented here. If you don't, none of the features referred to in this article will be available.

If you have successfully completed the Healthcode set-up then submitting an invoice via Healthcode is very straightforward, as follows:

  1. First create your client either via the calendar (a) or hitting the Create > Client button on the homepage.


    * You must ensure you populate ALL client and appointment information in order to submit a valid invoice over to healthcode (this includes the insurance membership number, authorisation code and all other details).

  2. Create your appointment as normal making sure that you specify that you change "Charge" to the correct third party rather than by the patient. 
  3. Ensure you have populated the authorization code (this makes for reduced admin when it comes to invoice submission).

  4. Proceed to raise an invoice for the total amount (without adding any payment).
  5. Now select the 'Send to healthcode' button.

  6. If you have missed anything, or there is an issue with the invoice, you will be able to rectify the problems before hitting the 'Submit' button.

  7. Once an invoice has been successfully submitted, you should see a screen such as the one below:



Error Codes:

Error Description  
Failed This error code is due to a user/client error with regards to things such as membership numbers, invalid information etc..  
Submitted This status is when an invoice has been accepted by healthcode.  
Processed This is when an invoice has been paid for in its entirety (or reissued) by the insurer.   



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