Adding a list to your Mailchimp account using the Mailchimp Integration

Once the Mailchimp integration has been done in Pabau, it is quite easy how to create a list of contacts so that you have the list available in your Mailchimp account.

Before you follow these steps, below you will find the guide on how you can setup the integration between Pabau and Mailchimp:

The first step is to run a report that we will use in order for the list to appear in your Mailchimp account.

mceclip0.png When clicking the icon to access the report section, please select run the best fitting report so that you can sync the list.

Once the report is ran, please click on this button mceclip1.png and as soon as you press it, you should type in the name of the list. Check my example below:


Click on OK and you will be immediately transferred to the Mailchimp integration.

The next step in the Mailchimp integration will be to type in the Subject:


Click on the Create & Add Emails and the list will be created and you will be greeted with the following screen:


This list that we've just created, can be found in the Mailchimp integration page where in there you will click on List and then the all lists will appear on the right side of the screen.


This next step will show you how you can find this list into your Mailchimp account.

Please login to your Mailchimp account, on the home page please click on Create and then Email.

Enter the name of the campaign in the next screen:


Click on Begin and in the next report click on Add Recipients:


As soon as you click on it, you will see the list that we've just created from Pabau reports:


Once you choose the list you should continue with creating the campaign in Mailchimp.


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