Sending a Sensitive Email

Introduction of a feature know as 'Sensitive Emails'.

The goal of the sensitive data function is that we don't send your email content to be stored on 3rd party servers such as Gmail, Yahoo etc. The email stays on our servers and your user receives HTTPS secured URL through which they can log in and see the content of the email.

This feature it's quite easy to use.

Please follow the steps bellow for a successful sending of a sensitive email:

  • open a client card
  • click on the green create button in the top right corner


  • click on 'Send Email'


  • finally check the box which is locate in the bottom of the window


  • after checking the box a message will pop up to inform you that you will send an encrypted message
  • click 'ok' and continue with editing the email

NOTICE: After sending the email, the clients will receive email with instructions how to proceed towards reading the message.

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