How to Delete and make a client Active/Inactive

In the following article, you will find the guide for successfully deleting or making a client active/inactive.


1. Let's start with Deleting.

In order to delete a client, please follow the steps bellow:

  • Click on the Contact Icon Capture.PNG
  • click on contact manager Capture1.PNG
  • search the client
  • click on the check box on the left side and finally click on delete
  • Capture2.PNG
  • a quick tip: you can select multiple clients and delete them at the same time

NOTICE: Right after clicking the delete button, you will see a message that will contain the following:



2. The second part of this guide is about making a client active/inactive.

An Inactive client will still be a client but will not be visible when searching it.

To make a client active/inactive, please follow the steps bellow.

  • open the client card of the client
  • click on the green circle right bellow the picture of the client where it says 'Active' Capture3.PNG
  • it will ask you to confirm it, and once you've done that, feel free to refresh the page and search the client to see the result
  • the same steps apply for making a client active


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