Needs to Know *New Marketing Preference* Opt In/Out

We have added a new preference 'Needs to know'. What this means in short is, by Default, clients will REMAIN Opted in to receive Email Confirmations & SMS confirmations.

All clients are Opted In by default, to Opt Out - however can be opted out from the client profile.The current options for Newsletter, Postal, Emails & Phone calls will remain us they are (majority of them ticked).

We will be labeling these clearly to be distinguished as 'Marketing Preferences'. These preferences will remain the same, and we will be offering clients to request from the ability to BULK Opt out your clients from all marketing preferences upon request.

To manually change their preferences, please follow the steps bellow.

  • open the client card
  • click on the green create button at the top right corner


  • next click on the second icon that looks like a 'bell'


  • right after clicking it, you will see the options that can be changed


Quick tip: Even if you don't have the sms and email options ticked on, if 'Needs to Know' preference is on, the clients will receive their sms reminders and email confirmations!

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