This guide explains the meaning and use of the permission settings for staff.

To access the permissions settings click on the staff icon, staff manager, click the staff member on the left, then move over to 'manage permissions'

App Permissions

Is administrator switch

Switching this on will allow this employee to access the setup page (found in the top right of any page except the calendar) Enabling will allow the employee to make changes to the system settings.



The above tick boxes allow you to show/not show the icons at the top of the screen for each employee. The tick boxes below these icons allow you show/hide the individual elements within the icons.


User Permissions

Hover over the ? next to the permissions for more information.


Mobile Permissions

These relate to what an employee can do or see while using the IOS App (Iphone/Ipad)


Service Permissions

This is a list of the capabilities of the employee. Untick all services that the employee cannot perform. These services will not show in the drop down of services when booking an appointment in that employee's diary column.


Report Permissions

By leaving the switch at the top to all the employee with have access to all reports. By switching this to 'off' you can select individual reports the employee will have access to.

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