Facebook Leads API

You can integrate Pabau by setting up a simple Webhook via Zapier (learn more about zapier here:


Step 1)

After creating a Zapier account, click 'Make a Zap'

Step 2) 

Then search 'Facebook Lead Ads'.

Proceed to complete all other areas

Step 3) Now add another trigger called 'Webhook'

Next step select POST


Next proceed to complete below, entering:

as the URL (ignore the prelive link below)

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Please make sure that the field names are the same as in the picture above in order to pass data correctly.

Also you will need to add one more field called api_key with a predefined value extracted from Pabau API keys page. 

You're done! - After saving, please switch on your ZAP.

If you have any more problems, please consult Zapier support.


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