We appreciate that it is sometimes not always feesable to take out another subscription with Pabau in order to setup a location that may only have limited staff scheduled.

That's why we have setup the ability to add locations within your Pabau (without taking out another subscription).

There are still advantages to taking another subscription such as running a complete separate database.

Here are the differences: 

Internal Locations

This is a great route for businesses that have popup clinics (locations that are not static, and opened up once every so often).

  • You will share the user count of your subscription across multiple locations.
  • Your restricted to a single database (client list).
  • You may report on your business as a whole (not location by location).

Separate Locations (a second subscription)

This is a must route for clinics that have two ore more locations that are treated as separate businesses.

  • Each subscription will have its own plan and user count.
  • You can restrict / share your database across multiple locations.
  • You may report on your business as a whole OR by location basis.
  • You may have location specific permissions and services for emplooyes.
  • Your templates will be more flexible.


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