Setting up a Location

At the very begging, it is very important to setup your locations.

1. First go to 'Setup': 

2. Now switch to the 'Business Details' tab:

3. Click on the 'Locations' tab:

4. Here you can see all locations assigned to the clinic:

5. To create a new one, click 'New Location':

* To enable locations to be bookable in the calendar, please click the blue toggle at the top.

Scheduling a location

After you have setup your locations, you will need to tell the schedule manager which team members are working & in what location.

Left click on an existing shift, and then on the left hand side select  'Location' and choose your location.



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    Please can we request the ability to sort clinics? We currently have 3 (Liverpool, Dublin and Newcastle) but are about to open a second Liverpool clinic and want them to show next to each other (rather than one at the top and one at the bottom of the list)

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