Get Customers to Book Online

Pabau makes it easy for your customers to book with you online. Once your services, staff and locations are set up then by default they are available to be booked online.

The next step is for you to provide ways for your customers to find your business and find a quick and simple way to book online with you. Pabau gives you some awesome options for this:

1) Booking buttons

Pabau provides a range of different HTML buttons that you can embed on your website. These open the online booking process when clicked. You can use the default Pabau buttons, or use your own button image.


2) Booking widget

The Pabau booking widget embeds the booking process onto your webpage, making it straightforward for customers to book online.

3) Pabau Connect

Pabau offers all users a free mini-website called Pabau Connect. It is a simple, out-of-the box solution for businesses without websites. Content for the website is added automatically as you set your Pabau account up. For example, as you add business details, location hours, staff information, services, etc. the mini-website will grab and present this information in a simple yet stylish website.

4) Facebook app

Pabau provides an app to be used with Facebook business pages which means your customers can book in straight from your Facebook page! Cool eh!?


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