November Update (Calendar Focus)

November Update

Launching next week

"As you know we are constantly working on making our platform better day by day, and at the core of Pabau is the calendar booking system.

We have made a ton of new changes, in what is possibly our biggest calendar focus update yet.

For those who don’t already know we have been working day & night on a new iOS version of Pabau in time for the new year. We are expecting to post screenshots & video updates very soon."

Live Sync

No that isn’t a ghost moving the appointment across your screen, your calendar is now completely live across all devices.This is something we have been wanting to do for a while. What does this mean?.. give it a try, create an appointment on one computer/device and see it instantly appear on another in real time. This will also work for pretty much any modification to an appointment.

Mark as Arrived

When you mark a client as arrived the employee will be notified with a small popup notification no matter where they are navigating within Pabau.

Reschedule Helper

When rescheduling an appointment you can now get a summary glance at when the next availability is. For example, if you are rescheduling an appointment with a duration of 1 hour, you can jump to the next available date. Hovering your mouse over the appointment will tell you how many slots are available.

Privacy Button

Are you forever frustrated with a client trying to lean over the desk and look at the diary. Pretty awkward telling them to Shoo right? - Simply hit F6 on your keyboard OR the Privacy Button in the top right corner and we will mask all confidentially information relating to an appointment.

SMS Confirmations

We have added in the ability to send SMS confirmations for appointments.


We will now push notifications to you if someone tries to reach out to you on the BuzzFeed. We have also introduced notifications throughout the calendar to give you that reassurance that you have remembered to send an sms, email or survey.

Today's List Design

Although we are tree lovers here at Pabau, We appreciate the importance of having a paper copies, and the previous design was far from awesome. We appreciate that everyone has there own requirements when it comes to printing, so we have added in the ability to choose the look, feel & output of your printouts.

Day Notes (Rota)

Adding a note within the rota will now add the same note as a day note on the calendar. This is perfect for people who have recurring day notes or work in different locations on a regular basis. You now can also color code the notes.

Unavailable Slots

You can no longer drag or book an appointment into a dark grey space. You can also now assign rooms & equipment to an unavailable appointment.

Wait List

Pabau will now automatically popup a newly designed wait list. There is too much to add here, but go ahead and check it out. Not only can you add to the list, Pabau will also suggest clients likely to fill the 1 hour slot you have just cancelled with a highly accurate scoring system.

Improvements / Other

  • You can now change the email & sms confirmation that goes out when you are No Showing or cancelling an appointment.
  • We have adding the option “Waiting” to the changing status of an appointment.
  • We have added a new feature to appointments 'prep & finish'. This allows you to set which appointments have a prep time (thus not blocking out a 2 hour slot for an appointment that only takes up a small amount of employee time).
  • We will now display a warning message if someone trys to book in an appointment when the piece of equipment is in use.
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes made the calendar say people were not scheduled in when they are.
  • We added a 3 month rebook option.
  • We stopped you from being able to scroll the mousewheel on the point of sale system.
  • We added an animation to the point of sale system so that it is clearer when a) A client is selected b) A payment is added.
  • We made a design improvement when placing your mouse in the final diary column (it no longer goes off the screen).
  • We will now throw an error if someone tries to apply more account credit then what is actually available.
  • We added an Outstanding Balance notification into the point of sale system.
  • One for our old schoolers: You can now print sticky labels in bulk for when sending campaigns (just in time for Christmas).
  • We will now display features (even if you have the permissions not to see them). Instead you will be able to see on mouse over that you do not have the level of access.
  • We have made some design improvements for different screen sizes. You should now be able to perform more actions without the need for scrolling.
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