Bookout Slots

Bookout Slots

The book out is where we want to book out a particular area of someone's diary. 

We have a good video here which demos how to book out slots:

Create a Block Type

To be able to create a Bookout Slot, you first need to create a Block Type.

1. Click on 'Setup'.

2. Now click on the 'Data' tab.

3. Here select 'Block Out Options' tab.

4. Here you will see a block type list. To create a new one, just click on '+New Block Type'.

5. Every block type can be easily edited by selecting the type and click on the Edit button, on the left hand side. 

In order for the block type to appear when creating bookout slot in the Calendar, you need to make the status 'Enabled'.

Create a Bookout Slot

1. Open your Calendar and select a time for the Bookout Slot. Now on the left-hand side, click on 'Bookout Slot' button.

2. Here select the appointment details, choose the Block Type and select multiple users.

When all done, just click on Save.

Delete a Bookout Slot

1. First go to the 'Calendar' and choose an already created bookout slot.

2. Now simply click on the bookout slot and you will get a side bar on the left. Click on the Delete Icon now.

3. Confirm the deletion on the next screen.


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