Taking a Deposit

Taking a Deposit 

We have a good video here which demos how to take a deposit and run it through the POS:

1. Go to Calendar, choose an appointment and click on the ring-up button on the left-hand side.

2. Here select Account. 

3. Now you can select the amount of money and if it will be used for some product/service or not.

Applying A Deposit To A Bill

1. Load your till screen by selecting a client within the calendar and clicking the ring-up button.

2. First select 'Payment'.

3. Now proceed to select the type of deposit you are taking. 

  • Add payment - when you want to split the bill (for ex. half of it to be paid from client's account and half in cash)
  • Add Remaining - when the whole amount will be paid in one way only (cash/card/account)
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