Creating an Open Invoice

Open invoice is a great feature which allows your clients to divide the total amount in smaller bits and pay partially.

1. To create this type of invoice, simply process a transaction without a payment by click on the 'Payment' button.

2. Then click on 'Finalise' without adding payment:

3. Once you click it you will get this question. Click 'Yes' to create an Open invoice.

4. Here you will see debt:

5. Once you have decide what do with a receipt, go to a client card. In the client's card, when you click on 'Financials' tab you will see the transaction marked as 'Open'.

To proceed with payment, just click on 'Enter Payment'. 

6. When you click on 'Add Another' button, you can pay partially and/or with different ways of payment. The 'Update Payment' button is for the whole sum.

7. Once the payment is proceeded, you will see this: 

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