Recalls are Pabau's way of helping you to stay on top of recalling clients. You can schedule follow-ups to your client's appointments by using this feature.

1. To start, first go to 'Setup'.

2. Next go to the 'Data' tab.

3. And then click on 'Recall types'.

4. Here you can see all Recall types you have and you can create new ones by clicking on '+New Recall Type'.

5. Create a recall name, choose the recall category and schedule when will this recall going to happen.

After you are done click on 'Create Recall Type'.

6. Now next step is to use the recalls we have just created.

When a client pays for the treatment and if there is a recall set for that particular treatment, this re-book window will appear.

7. Now click on the field to select the recall. You can pick multiple.

When you are done click on 'Set Recall'.

8. To find all the recalls set for each day of the week, click on the icon that is next to the magnifying glass on the left-hand upper corner of Pabau's Calendar. 

In case some of the clients books an appointment before you or the system contact them, you can simply remove the recall by clicking on 'X'.


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