28/03/2016 - Bank Holiday Update

Pabau Update Release 1


We hope you are all enjoying your easter break. We have yet another update with some great additions to the platform.

A resource is a particular area within the business that is needed to provide services. Examples of a resource would be a massage room, pedicure chairs, or a laser room.

Lock Screen
You can now set your calendar to auto lock the screen after a set period of time.

Weekly/Daily Printouts
You can now print your staff day sheet in day or week view.

Incorrect Numbers
We have implemented mobile validations to check that mobile numbers have been entered into the system correctly.

Improvements to Permissions

We have added a layer to the permissions feature. Before you could only give access to the very top layer of a feature (i.e John being able to have access to all reports). We have now built in functionality to give you complete control on user permissions, adding an extra layer of security. You can now restrict who can use which  features, set specific features to ‘Read Only’, whilst also choosing who can run which reports. 

You can read more about the different pre-set permission groups we have set-up here:

Task Manager

With Pabau Task Manager, there is no need to switch between tools, folders, and browser windows. Whether you’re working on your personal to-do list or a high impact team project, our advanced task manager gives you a full feature set for managing your work items directly from the calendar.


Performance Stats

We added a button to the calendar which allows you to view sales stats directly from the calendar. You can now pull up stats instantly. By default this feature will be disabled. Head on other to user permissions in order to activate it.

Print Feature

We have made it easier to print out your day sheets, and added the option to print out your calendars in ‘Week View’.

Calendar Re-jig

Ok, not so much a ‘Spotlight’, but we have rejigged the calendar slightly. The POS can now be opened with a single click on the £ icon in the top left corner.


Update Log

  • We are now tracking automated confirmations for SMS & Emails in the communication log for both normal and online bookings.

  • We fixed a bug which allowed you to book the same appointment multiple times if you were to tap the save button very quickly.

  • We fixed an issue with the search bar so that when you press down on the keyboard it does not produce jargon text into the bar.

  • You can now create a client without creating an appointment.

  • We fixed a bug with the Referral Sources report not correctly displaying new & repeat business.

  • We have added the ability to be able to add and adjust loyalty points from the client’s record card.

  • We made a few tweaks the totals column on the Staff Retention report.

  • We have improved the design of the change seller feature on the point of sale. It will now only show people who are working on the day of the appointment that you are taking payment for. You can hit ‘Show All’ to see all staff members. This massively improves the design for users with a lot of employees.

  • We have corrected an error in the ‘Big Spender’ report that was not not correctly reporting if a client had two services on one invoice.

  • We added a scroll bar to confirmations manager & recall manager.

  • We fixed a textual bug on the buzzfeed which made the contact hover sometimes say ‘Null Null’.

  • You can now print the day sheet of an employee by clicking on the arrow in the bottom right corner of their photo.

  • We removed the alert which says ‘Rebooking done’ when you execute a rebooking of an appointment.

  • We have forced the selection of a bookout to now be required so you should no longer get the ‘- set a block type-’ style bookings.

  • We made a design improvement to the calendar so that a yellow marker no longer appears on a bookout sometimes.

  • We fixed a bug which made the contact card randomly switch tabs for some users.

  • TXTlocal have disabled the feature to auto renew text credits.

  • We added a new status ‘Running Late’

  • We fixed an issue with scrolling on the confirmations manager.

  • We added an improvement to the referral report, it now has a fancy graph at the bottom, go and check it out!

  • We fixed an issue with PayPal and the booking not sometimes being confirmed upon successful deposit made.

  • We made the calendar a lot less sensitive when clicking on an appointment!

  • We removed the ‘OK’ & ‘Back to calendar’ step from the point of sale. It was kind of un-needed, and shortens time at the checkout screen.
  • You can now track when an appointment has been rescheduled. Just head on over to the appointments tab on a client record card and you will see this icon to the left of the appointment.
  • We fixed an issue with people that have 'Dr' as there first name on the calendar.
  • We have added a setting which allows you to hide the last name of a patient from the calendar
  • We have added a setting which allows you to hide the time on the calendar (freeing up more space).
  • We fixed an issue with viewing a product that has a lot of movement. You can now scroll through, rather then it taking up the entire page.
  • We have made a huge speed increase to printing reports.
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