Creating a Gift Voucher

Gift cards can be a very nice way of earning more and promoting yourself at the same time. Here we will show you how to create various types of gift cards.

1. First go to 'Marketing'.

2. Here click on 'Gift Vouchers'.

3. Here you can see all your previously made templates. You can create new by clicking 'Create Voucher Template'.

4. Write a template name and a content. Switch in the middle should be on when you want that card to be available to be made and off when not.

You can alter this and any other features at your convenience just by clicking on your card from the list of your previously made cards.

5. When your card is ready hit the 'Create Gift Card' button.

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    Joseph Rennie

    It does not give you the building blocks, code or descriptions as to how you will track a voucher. On the referrals  page you suggest code to use such as [VOUCHER_AMOUNT] but on this you dont so how do we know where the info on gift vouchers are pulling through from or the work flow that manages these?

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