Updating your Profile and Password

Whether you are new to the Pabau or you have been using it for some time, at some point you will want to update your profile with the relevant information. This guide will show you how.

You have two ways of accessing you profile.

First is to click on your name on the right hand side.

The second way is to click on 'Setup':

next you choose 'Profile' tab: 

and now click on 'Profile Details': 

1. Here you can edit your Name, Email and mobile phone: 

2. To upload a photo, just click on the picture within the basic information set up.

Now pick the method you want to use, browse your computer or upload from web.

3. And below you can edit your Email signature:

4. When done just hit Update.

 You can also go back to the 'Profile Details' and click on 'Change Password'.

And here you can change your password:

When done hit Save Password.


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