Product Import

*** Please see template file at bottom of this article ***


Please do not adjust the columns in any way.   

Feel free to request a copy from your supplier.

Begin by downloading the CSV template at the bottom of this page. This template can be opened in Microsoft Excel or the Mac equivalent.

Below is an explanation as to each column and how it should be populated:

  • Product Barcode - the barcode number can be found on the back/base of the product;
  • Category Name - the name/supplier of which the product belongs to;
  • Name - the name of your product;
  • Code - 
  • Size - e.g. 250;
  • U.M - units, e.g. ml;
  • Cost - the cost that you buy your product in at;
  • Price - the price in which you sell at;
  • Alert Quantity - this is the figure that you would class the stock item as being 'Running Low';
  • Max Level - this is the maximum figure you tend to stock of that item;
  • Quantity - the current number of products 
  • SKU - secondary Barcode;
  • Website - this can either be a 1 or 0 value.

Once you have completed the .csv template, please send it over to and we will import them into your system.



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