Feature Release & Our Commitment

Day in day out our development team are working on implementing new ideas for Pabau. Last week we saw the release of our new calendar update, and over the upcoming weeks we will be seeing: A revolutionary new POS system, further big updates to our calendar system, a new stock system, several new marketing ideas & much much more.

A lot of these ideas are not just ideas.. in fact most of them are almost complete. With us constantly being in our 'developer' mindset, we sometimes keep our releases internal. Last week I made a commitment to keep our client's more informed of these updates & that we shall.

"Improved business technology greatly increases productivity. A recent report published by O2 Business and the Centre for Economic and Business Research discovered that productivity increased by 84 per cent over the past four decades thanks to advancements in digital technology"

We are strong believers in advancing our product & processes. With 80% of our budget spent on development, we will continue our commitment to making Pabau the best Salon, Clinic & Retail management system on the market whilst taking on all feedback & suggestions thrown our way.

- Billy Brandham.

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