Converting leads

A lead is a client that has made some sort of contact with your business.

There are various ways of collecting leads, but a common method using our system is through a capture form, either through your webpage or a specifically designed landing page.

If you are using this method, then your leads will appear on your Buzzfeed.

It is a good idea that one member of the staff is tasked with keeping an eye on the Buzzfeed and dealing with the lead system.

Once a lead appears on the Buzzfeed, you can click on the lead's name and be taken to their lead page. Here you can leave notes on what has been done about the lead.

If you want to convert the lead into a client, just click on the 'Convert' button at top right corner. 

A new window will appear on the right side. There click 'Convert' and your lead will become a client.


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