Insurances and Contracts Basics

Pabau offers you the ability to create and assign insurance contracts to your clients. The purpose of this is to display different invoice data and product prices based on the insurance contract the client is covered by.

Step 1: Create your insurance companies

You can create insurance company by going to Setup > Data > Insurances and clicking the 'New Insurer' button.

Enter the insurance company details and click 'Save'.

Next we need to associate insurance contracts to your insurance company.

Step 2: Creating insurance contracts

Go to Setup > Data > Contract Pricing and click '+New Contract' and enter the contract details. Here is some help regarding some of the fields:

  • Status indicates if the contract is active. Disabling it it will hide it for selection and usage later.
  • There two contract types, insurance and employee. Employees can act as insurance companies too. Once you select the contract type a new field will appear to select the insurance company or employee this contract is associated to.
  • 'Show bank details on invoice' allows you to hide the insurance company bank details from the invoice

Once you are done click 'Create' and move on to the next step which is matching product/service prices for contracts.

Step 3: Define product/service prices based on contract

Go to the previous Contract Listing page and click the 'Contract Price Matcher' button.

This will take you to a page with a grid view where you can specify different prices for your all your products and services based on the contract. Prices are auto updated once you type them in the field so no need to click Save button once you are done. 

Step 4: Choosing the contract in POS

When processing the sale in POS, once you click the payment button you will be offered the option to choose whether this is Self Paid treatment or under a Contract.


If you click on Contract, you will be offered a list of all your active contract records to choose from. After you select the contract the service/product prices will be updated accordingly and later the invoice will be themed specifically for the insurance company it's addressed to.

Step 5 (Optional): Adding default contracts for contact

To avoid having to select a contract each time you ring a sale for a customer you can specify default contract in the client card. Check screenshot bellow:


The membership number and authorisation code later display on the invoice addressed to the insurance company.


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