Ringing through a Sale

To ring through a sale first please decide if the sale relates to an appointment. e.g. Do you want to ring through a sale for an appointment or do you want to sell a client a package or product.

  • If the client has an appointment in the calendar, you can click on the appointment and then the Ringup (currency) symbol.

If the client has an appointment for a treatment and you wish to add on another service or add a product or a package sale you can use this method as well.

  • If the client does not have an appointment and you simply wish to sell them a package you can enter the POS in 2 ways:

1. From the calendar: simply click the EPOS (currency) symbol in the top left of the calendar:

You then will need to select the client in order for the system to know who to relate the sale to or you can click on walk-in male/female if you don't have that person in your system.

2. From the client card you can reach the same screen by clicking the financial tab and then the button at the very bottom right-hand side.

Whichever method you used you will now be in the POS screen with the client loaded in.

  • You can now select what are you going to sale: products, services, packages, gift or place money on the client's account.

  • Say you wish to sell a product you would click on 'Products' and select a product from the displayed list. You also have a search facility if you have a lot of products and wish to search for it.
  • Once you have added your items to the sale they will appear on the left:

  • To make an adjustment to this individual item click anywhere within the item's box.
  • The green box will allow you to make additions to the amount of these items, the red box will minus it off, the yellow will allow you to apportion the sale of this item to a specific staff member and the blue will allow you to make adjustments to the price e.g apply a discount.

  • Once you are happy with the sale you can click the green 'Payment' button in the bottom left.
  • Here you will need to choose the payment method(s) from the list at the top.

  • If the payment is going to be a simple (e.g. card payment) you can just hit 'add remaining' and the payment you are making will appear on the left in green.
  • If you make a mistake you can delete this with the small cross in the green bar and start again.

  • If you are happy with the payment, simply click 'Payment' and you will be taken to an options screen for receipts, aftercare etc.

*Note: If the client is not paying now and you wish to invoice them later please see the guide on leaving an Open Invoice.

If the client wishes to pay by different methods e.g. split between card and cash then you will need select the first payment method (e.g. card), enter the amount they wish to pay by that method and then click the yellow 'Add Payment' button, then again select the payment method for the second payment and then click 'Add Remaining'.

If the client has a course available to them (i.e they have previously purchased or are currently purchasing a course) you will see the option to record the use of a course credit. If this is the case please click on one of the green circles and click 'Apply'. If you are currently ringing through a single use treatment that applies to the course purchased you will see that the price of the single treatment will change to zero.

If you wish to record a sale but you wish to leave the invoice unpaid, for example for invoicing the client at a later date please see the guide: 

If you wish to sell a package, please see the guide:

If you have created an open invoice and wish to pay some or all of the invoice off for a client please see the guide:



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