Precare/Aftercare Template Types

In order to send aftercare via Pabau Go (App) and the POS, you must first link your treatments.

1. Click 'Setup' in the top right corner of Pabau:

2. Select the 'Data' tab: 

3. Select 'Template Archive':

4. Select '+ New Template':

5. Select 'Email'.

6. Select 'Precare' or 'Aftercare' as the template type.

7. You can then select an appointment type you wish to create a specific template for. This will then send this email specific to that appointment being booked in.

 *Below is an example of linking Botox to a Botox Aftercare Template.

8. You will then see the editor. To customise the template to match details of the patient, or any other attribute, simply click the 'Merge Tags' below. 

If you do not wish to use PRESET forms, you can use [MEDICAL_FORM] to directly link to your medical history form.


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