Setting up Google Analytics with your Pabau online bookings

Create a new Property in your Google Analytics Account

You probably have just one Property in your Google Analytics right now. Google recommends against using the same Property for multiple websites at different web addresses. With this in mind, we highly recommend you create a new Property for your online bookings page. It will also make it easier for you to track bookings activity.

  1. Create a new property in Google Analytics (follow this link for more info).
  2. Select https:// from the Website URL dropdown menu, and then paste your online bookings URL ( into the 'Website URL' field.
  3. After clicking 'Get Tracking ID,' select the 'Property Settings' tab in Google Analytics and copy your Tracking ID.
    Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID into Pabau
  4. Paste your Tracking ID into the Google Analytics Tracking ID field in Setup > Settings > Online Bookings within Pabau.
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