Lead API (Write)


This code allows you to make an insert of a lead into the Pabau system by making a simple POST request.




Below are a list of the attributes you can currently pass into Pabau.

* = Required

Name Description
api_key required  Your API key.
redirect_link required  A URL to redirect to upon successful submission.
Fname required  First Name(string)
Lname required  Last Name (string)
mobile Mobile (string)
email Email(string)
lead_source This is typically a dropdown option, and you can pass in plaintext the source of the lead (Example: Facebook)
salutation  Mr,Miss etc
dob  d/m/Y
county County
country Country
city City
telephone telephone number
mobile Mobile number
address Address
post_code Postal Code
treatment_interest Treatment Interest
custom_textarea Custom comments/notes (this is often used for the inquiry details from the client).


Custom Fields

You can also parse custom field data into the lead. Follow this guide and then add the variable taken when editing the custom field into your POST.

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