Creating Prescriptions

To create prescriptions make sure that you are on the home screen first.


  1. Now click on 'Setup', located on the right hand side:                                                                                                                                                                                           
  2. Next click on 'Data' tab:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  3. Choose 'Medical Forms' :                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  4. To create a prescription click on '+New Medical Form'                         new.png                                                                                                           
  5. In the first paragraph enter the 'Form Title' and from the drop-down menu 'Select Form Type' choose 'Prescription' :               
  6. Regarding the 'Web Form Theme' button, read more about it when you click Here.                         
  7. In 'Related Services' you can choose to which service you wish to relate this form.                     
  8. Below you can see all the possible fields you can use for building your prescription.                                                                                                                                                     
  • Text Field - this will create a text input, typically used for questions, such as: What is your name?
  • Paragraph - this will create a large text area for the users to write in. Typically used for questions such as: Please list any medical conditions.   
  • Multiple Choices - this will create a checkbox questions which can only be answered with multiple choice. An example could be tick the treatments you are interested in.  
  • Options List - this will create a drop-down questions which can only be answered with one option. Great for single choice long answers such as: How many cigarettes do you smoke per week? 
  • Signature - this input will allow the user to place their signature against your form. Works great with the Static Text input. 
  • Static Text - this will output text on top of the form no matter where is placed.

1. To add/edit the prescriber, click on 'Staff', then 'Staff Manager':

2. On the left hand-side you can choose the prescriber and in 'Notes' choose 'Prescription Info'.                                                                                                                                 

Using Prescriptions

1. Open a client's card and in 'EMR' tab click on 'Prescriptions' to see the previously created prescriptions.

2. To create a new prescription, go to the right-hand side corner and click on 'Create', and select 'Prescriptions'.

3. Choose from the created prescriptions and customise it if necessary.

When done, just click 'Save'.

4. To 'View' the prescription click on 'EMR' and choose 'Prescriptions'. Now go to the selected prescription and click on 'magnifying glass' icon to 'View' the prescription.

5. If you want to send this prescription to a doctor, click on the 'letter' icon.

  • You will get a message asking you to Send Prescription from Read-only or Editable.

  • Next is: Do you want to send Medical History?

  • Once you send it to the doctor, he/she will be able to fill in the details online, and when he/she clicks 'Save', it will be updated in the clients card as well.

6. You can edit the doctor's details in the client card, by clicking on the 'Custom Fields' tab.


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