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Pabau has an option to integrate with XERO, the accounting software system that helps you see your cash-flow in real-time with online accounting & banking.

With this integration, Pabau will send all invoices that are added or modified in Pabau into your Xero account.

1. First you need to go to your Pabau Xero General Settings and click on Download Certificate.

2. Now go to the Login Page of Xero and log in. Here open the 'My Apps' tab.

3. Click on Add Application button, choose Private Application, set Application Name, for example 'PABAU XERO'.

Next step is to upload your downloaded file into drop-zone. Click on the checkbox at the bottom and press 'Save'.

4. You'll need to get the 'Consumer key' and 'Shared secret' key in the Xero app you just created. Basically, you just need to click on the 'Show' or 'Copy' button for both of them.

5. Then, copy the contents and open your Pabau Xero General Settings Tab and paste in the corresponding fields.

6. In 'General Settings' you could enable/disable the XERO integration by toggling the switch, as well as test the connection, by clicking on the 'Test Connection' button.

7. You could also make sync of sales and of contacts between dates by going into:

and hitting on the 'Sync Sales' button. This will sync all of your contacts, sales and payments between the selected start and end dates. In case if you receive an error, you could try selecting a smaller time period (for e.g, a week or a month tops).

8. In 'Xero Sales Settings' you could select the status of the invoices, the default Xero account for invoice items (200 for Sales, 260 for Other Revenue and 270 for Interest Income), as well as select the default Xero account for payments, which account needs to have enabled payments on Xero.

If you select the code 970 - 'Owner A Funds Introduced', this account is going to be used for funds contributed by the owner.

If you select the code 980 - 'Owner A Drawings', this account is going to be used for withdrawals by the owners.

In both cases, the account needs to have ' 

9. After you've made sync, you can check in the client's card in the 'Financials' tab that this sale was synced with Xero (notice the XERO blue icon).

*Note: Please note that all newly created invoices (regardless if they are created or updated in the client card) are going to be automatically synchronised into Xero.


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