Creating a Consent Form

We have a good video here which demos how to build your consent form:

1. To start click on the 'Setup' button in the top right corner:


2. Click on the 'Data' tab:

3. Then go to 'Medical Forms': 

4. To create 'New Form' click:

5. In the top box enter the name of the treatment note ('Form Title'), 

6. In the second box select the Form Type as 'Consent', 

7. Regarding the 'Web Form Theme' button, read more about it when you click Here.

8. In 'Related Services' you can choose which service does this form relate to:

9. In the 'Field Types' you can choose which one of the offered types will appear in the Consent Form. 

  • Text Field - this will create a text input, typically used for questions such as: What is your name?  

  • Paragraph - this will create a large text area, for the user to write in. Typically used for questions such as: Please list any medical conditions. 

  • Single Choice - this will create a single choice question which can only be answered with one or the other. An example can be: Have you eaten in the last 24 hours? Yes/No.  

  • Multiple Choices - this will create a checkbox question which can only be answered with multiple choice. An example could be: Tick the treatments you are interested in.   

  • Options List - this will create drop-down question which can only be answered with one option. Great for single choice long answers, such as: How many cigarettes do you smoke per week?   

  • Heading - this option is a great way of separating your forms. An example of a heading could be: TO BE COMPLETED BY PRACTITIONER ONLY!   

  • Signature -here you can add a signature field which can be signed by the practitioner or patient on an iPad or touch screen.  
  • Static Text - this will output text on top of the form no matter where is placed.   


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